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Our trainings and courses bridge the gap between theoretical learning and being able to apply the skills in daily practice.

Whether is concerns vocational training, theoretical education or a change process, our instructors know what they are talking about: Most of them were or still are farmers themselves.

We always give our motto "Farmers are Teachers, Teachers are Farmers" high priority.

Especially within vocational learning it is important to speak and understand the entrepreneur's language!

Our products are mostly customized and tailored to your specific demand. And of course we also work with e-learning systems.

Individual registration is also possible for short-term trainings, courses and meetings. Look for all possibilities at the relevant training or get in contact with us.

Because not everything can be customized, SPRET also offers a number of standard training modules. These modules are available for both companies and for individual registration.

SPRET also offers a number of cascaded training programmes for extensive training courses within the Netherlands and certainly abroad. Look here for the possibilities.

The search function below provides in results for the training, course or further training of your choice. Usually a standard offer can still be adapted to your own wishes. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Through the above search function you can search for the training, course or further training of your choice.

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Trainings for companies

  • Greenhouse horticulture
  • Open field horticulture
  • Tree nursery & young plants
  • Dairy farm
  • Animal husbandry