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SPRET provides in many trainings, courses and other knowledge transfer meetings. We work for (agricultural) companies, for education and in an international context. For individual registration, please click here

For companies

Our trainings and courses bridge the gap between theoretical learning and being able to apply the skills in daily practice.

Whether is concerns vocational training, theoretical education or a change process, our instructors know what they are talking about: Most of them were or still are farmers themselves.


For education

Also (agricultural) education is in motion. Adjustments in teaching material, examination plans and changes within the legal frameworks make it necessary to adjust vocational education accordingly.



SPRET is a prominent player in the international learning field since many years. Vocational training courses for entrepreneurs, courses for students and optimization trajectories for agricultural companies are part of the daily activities worldwide!


Individual registration

SPRET has limited possibilities for individual registrations. Every year we offer training courses, maintenance courses and other knowledge transfers to companies, schools and institutions.



SPRET has invested in digital learning. Multiple teaching programs are therefore digitally available and this number is growing steadily.

E-learning is always part of a regular 'face to face' learning programme. Learning in combination with a teacher, books, fellow students and a digital platform still works best.

E-learning offers possibilities of an enormous diversity of learning and demand forms. Digital teaching material can be composed of different types of question types and is more than just offering a textbook in PDF format! All curriculum can be supported with images, videos and audio fragments.

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Trainings for companies

  • Greenhouse horticulture
  • Open field horticulture
  • Tree nursery & young plants
  • Dairy farm
  • Animal husbandry

Trainings for education

  • Educational institutions
  • Exam officials
  • Vocational and business trainers
  • Supporting services

Reviews about SPRET

  • Praktikum und Unterkunft

    2 Monate in der Herberge von Hegelsom. Die Mitarbeiter waren stets freundlich und hilfsbereit. Köstliche Küche und tolle Kultur gab es jederzeit. Spaß und Attraktion waren immer dabei. Großes Lob an die Mitarbeiter