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In addition providing trainings, SPRET offers various services in the domain of exams. Based on knowledge and expertise with regard to vocational education SPRET has developed products that help to set up and maintain exams and knowledge development.

In cooperation with ExamAssist SPRET developed a number of training courses that help school officials in executing exams, certifying and diplomacy. Please click here for further information.

Exam officials and assessors

The SPRET exam officials and assessors are all certified by Provex, in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Association for Executing Exams (NVE). This standard meets the expectations from the Dutch Ministry and Inspection of Education.

Exam support

SPRET has a wide range of opportunities and practical companies that can be used in the execution of trainings and exams. For exams your or our exam officials can be employed to do the actual exams. Also a combination is possible to comply with the '4-eyes principle'.

Our training site

Our training site in Hegelsom has various rooms for training and executing exams. We have small 'meeting rooms' for individual exams up to fully equipped exam rooms (up to 200 people). Also digital or online exam is possible.

Herberg Hegelsom is equipped with excellent cuisine, and is suited for small and large groups and takes into account the different cultural eating habits.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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