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To make the learning process as effective as possible, our training courses always meets your requirement. Our step-by-step training modules can easily be adjusted and apply to both on-site training in the Netherlands as abroad.

Our step-by-step training modules:
1. Classic Learning
2. Use your Eyes & Ears
3. Learning by Doing
4. Management Achievements
5. Doing Business with a Plus

Module 1: Classic Learning
The teacher in front of the class room still works: Working by transferring knowledge in a school situation.
Once in the Netherlands you are invited to participate in a 'standard' program, in which pre-established topics are discussed.

Module 2: Use your Eyes & Ears
By watching and listening students learn the tricks of working in the agricultural sector. Listen to the teacher, ask questions, look further and understand how things work. 'Use your Eyes & Ears' is a practical introduction to the agricultural sector. This module can be given at your own company or at our training location in Hegelsom.

Module 3: Leaning by Doing
The best way to learn is to do it yourself. Under supervision of the teacher, students and (semi-) professionals learn by working in their daily practice. Activities are carried out (jointly). Topics are explored and discussed. Skills and knowledge will grow and are ready to apply in the own situation.

The duration of this module depends: If the teacher goes abroad, the duration is up to a maximum of a few weeks. If the students come to The Netherlands, we count on a 2 to 3 month internal internship.

Module 4: Management Achievements
Good management skills are essential for entrepreneurs to bring their business to the highest level possible. Business strategy, economics, human resources and legal knowledge are important elements with which business results can be improved. All these aspects can be discussed during the training. First, we look at how you manage your company and where improvements are desired. Then you continue the training at our location in Hegelsom to improve your management skills.

Module 5: Doing Business with a Plus
Sustainable entrepreneurship is the key to a successful future-proof enterprise. After having learned the basic knowledge and skills, it is time to make the Plus with sustainable entrepreneurship.
These sustainable training courses are always tailor-made. Duration, intensity and professionalism are demand driven. Circular entrepreneurship, cooperative working, sustainable energy, livestock and crop health, beekeeping, precision cultivation and robotisation are examples of this in-depth training.

Other programmes

In addition to our standard training programmes, SPRET always offers tailor-made programmes. Some commonly used programmes are the Teach the Teacher programme and the Student Exchange Programme. For more information, please contact us .

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